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About Jubimobilehealth

Jubimobilehealth is an advanced level virtual medical healthcare system by taking advantage of Machine Learning Technology to automate the prediction of diseases and effectively monitor the Medical Treatment .

The Team members have expert skill sets in Information Technology, Medical System and Financial fields. The new hires such as Chief Operation Officer, Junior Medical Staffs, Technical Staffs will have very high qualification and rich experience to provide outstanding service in healthcare!

Our Vision is to position the Organization to provide advanced virtual healthcare services to Medical Professionals and Patients. Our Mission is to reduce and eliminate healthcare misunderstandings among patients and assist the Medical Professionals using advanced latest Technologies.

Patents will be applied in USA and UK. (Previous non-povisional Utility patent application in USA and Patent application in UK have been abandoned by the processing centers due to delays in the fees payment). Pepperdine University short-listed our Company in the first round of Most Fundable companies program during 2019. The concept demo was given to Western Sydney University, Australia. Member of Startup School from Y Combinator. We have incorporated in London, UK and we will also incorporate in USA

Our Team

Mr.Chezhiyan Veerasamy

Founder & CEO

An Information Technology wizard with over 20 years of experience in major IT Companies worldwide. Supports IT Infrastructure, Applications and Support for the Organization. Monitors the progress of various activities in the Organization.

Dr.Jonathan Andrews

Co-Founder for UK

Research Physician practicing in London, UK. Provides support for the Organization in the Medical Field. Working as Chief Operations Officer and Chief Medical Officer for Jubisoft.

Mr.Stephen Price


CEO | Advisor | Investor | Entrepreneur | Operator | EIR | Innovation, Founder Institute, Castle Rock, Colorado, United States

Mr.Richard Nordstrom

Advisor for Healthcare Market

Global Healthcare Marketing | Patient Engagement | Strategic Planning | M&A | Digital Health | Patient Advocacy | Education, Montclair, New Jersey, USA.

Mr.George Parrish

Advisor from Aug-2018 to Nov-2021

Helped us to prepare Pitch Deck and provided support during idea and prototype phases. Executive Director of Entrepreneur Lab LLC, Stockton, CA, USA


Multiple Advisors on Multiple Subjects

Advisors from CoFoundersLab, Business networking company in Burbank, California,, USA.


Startup School
Y Combinator

Member of Startup School from Y Combinator.


Hatch Enterprise

Participating in Hatch Enterprise program provided by Digital Ocean, New York, United States.

sFoundation Accelerator

Participated in sFoundation Accelerator program, 4500 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA




Participant in CoFoundersLab Accelerator program, Denver, Colorado, USA


To be added in Future

To be added in Future

Our Partners

Digital Marketing Company

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Web/Mobile/AI Company


Medical Research Firm

Partner in London, UK

Helps to work with Medical Professionals and Patients.

Our Future Partners


Helps to work with Medical Professionals and Patients.


Helps to work on Research works


Helps to work with Medical Professionals and carry out Research work


Helps in Website and Mobile Applications Testing.


Helps in Digital Marketing.


Helps in Legal works.