Guided Virtual Healthcare

Pre-Doctor Diagnosis

Q&A Based Diagnosis
Pre-Doctor Diagnosis

Q&A Based Diagnosis: Answer general and specific questions and know the pre-doctor diagonsis

Machine Learning

Diagnosis Based on Machine Learning Algorithm: Know the Disease Classification by means of Machine Learning Algorithm.

Disease Classification
Disease Classification

Disease Classification: Know the indepth disease details by sub types of diseases.

Disease Details

Disease Details: Know the indepth Disease Details by text, audio and video.

Treatment Methods

General Treatment
General Treatment

Treatment Methods in General: Know the Treatment Methods in general for each Disease.

Sub Type Treatment
Sub Type Treatment

Treatment Methods for each sub type: Know the Treatment Methods in detail for each sub type of Disease.

Treatment Progress

Know the Treatment Progress: Compare expected results with actual results as the treatment progresses each day.


Get Recommendations: Get medical recommendations after comparing expected results and actual results to get accurate and faster cure.

Know the Emergencies

Emergency Details
Emergency Details

know Emergency Details: Answer to general and specific questions for your illness and know the emergency status of your illness before visiting doctor.

Emergency First Aid
First Aid

Know the First Aid Procedures: know the First Aid procedures for your illness and be safe until Medical professional attends to your problems.

Emergency Disease Details
Emrgency Disaese Details

Know the Disease Deatils: know complete disease details before visiting Emergency. Text, Audio and Video details have been included.

Emergency Treatment Details
Treatment Details

Know the Treatment Details: Know complete treatment methods before visiting emergency. Text, Audio and Video have been included.

Know the Home Remedies

Home Remedies
General Home Remedies

Know about Home Remedies: Common and effective Home Remedies have been included as text, audios and videos. Get cured for mild illnesses.

Proven Methods
Proven Methods

Proven Methods: Follow the instruction for Home Remedies that are proven in your local areas.

Life Style
Life Style

Life Style Instructions: Effective Life Style instructions have been included to get cured faster and to prevent from being affected by the illnesses in future.

Food Instructions
Food Instructions

Effective Food Instructions: Effective Diet instructions have been included to help you during and after the illnesses. This wil help to get cured faster.

Know the Specialists for your illness

List of Doctors
List of Doctors

Know your List of Doctors: Know your list of Doctors in your local area and you can contact them by phone or email.


Know your Specialists: Know the Specialists related to your illness near your locality. You can contact them by phone or email.

Drug Details
Drug Details

Maintain Drug Details: You can maintain Drug details and you can get sms/emai alerts on scheduled time.

EHR Records
EHR Records

Maintain EHR Records: You can scan and upload EHR Records like prescriptions and other Medical Reports. You can create short descriptions also.

Know the Medicines for your Illness


Know about your Medicines: Know about your medicines before visiting Doctor for your illnesses.


Know about Schedules: Enter and Maintain Medicines and schedules.

Order Medicines

Order Medicines Online: You can place orders for Medicines online by sharing prescriptions with Medical Stores.

Side Effects

Refer to Side Effects: You can get details about side effects of drugs and know the actions to be taken.

Jubimobilehealth Features

New Patient

Current Health Problems

New Patients can get disease details and know whether the disease requires emergency procedures or they can schedule an appointment to meet a doctor or they can help themselves following home remedy procedures and they can follow first aid procedures. Patients can monitor the progress during the treatment process and they can prevent the future occurrence of such illnesses. For all these purposes, the website and mobile applications from Jubimobilehealth assist the patients as guided virtual healthcare system.


Future Health Problems

People can get details about diseases that are of heredity nature like diabetes. If their parents and grand parents were having such illnesses, their children can get assistance from the Jubimobilehealth's guided virtual healthcare system. Whenever a community is having an outbreak, then the people can get assitance from the guided healthcare system. If people are travelling, then they can get asistance whenever the places they visit are having an disease outbreak.

Long Time Illnesses

Longtime Problems

Patients sometims suffer from long time illnesses in spite of prolonged medical diagnosis and treatments. Instead of losing hope and suffer with the illnesses, they can get guidance from the Jubisoft Mobile Health as a guided virtual healthcare System. Patients can know the mistakes they are making in their day to day lives without their knowledge and hence they can improve their chances of getting cured from long time illnesses. Patients also can know new methods of treatments that can solve their health problems and also can get details of healthcare specialists who can solve their long time health problems.

Urgent Care

Immediate Actions

Patient when undergoing sudden health problems will be having urgent needs to know the disease details and they can take immediate actions based on the medical information provided by the Jubimobilehealth's guided virtual healthcare system. Hence patients can reduce their health problems and can get treated by the healthcare professionals without serious health damages.

Patient Manitoring

Monitor Treatment

Patients would like to know from time to time what is happening to them and they would to respond to their problems whenever they are away from the medical professionals and hospitals. This will enable them to avoid mistakes and will help them to avoid doubts and fears. Supportive people like family members also can be confident of the patient's health progress.

Permanent Cure

Quick and Permanent Cure

Patients can get quick healthcare help from the Jubimobilehealth's guided virtual healthcare system along with the expert healthcare support from the Medical Professionals. They can avoid unnecessary visits to the hospitals and can visit the hospitals at the right time they need care from the Medical Professionals. Patients can avoid their mistakes in following medical procedures and they can prevent the recurrence of their health problems even after their treatments and recovery from the illnesses.


London, United Kingdom

Jubisoft's vision is to become a major global player in Healthcare technology using web based and mobile based Products, by establishing its presence across various geographies, servicing Healthcare verticals with latest technologies like Machine Learning. As a new startup, our focus will be on the best practices, ethics and innovation. Our vision is to position our Organization as one of the best Healthcare application providers in the long run. We value and respect our clients, partners and employees and would like to establish long lasting work culture that will benefit all of us.

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